Dan's Asynchronous Network Simulator (DANS)

Java Jar Distribution

The simulator packaged in a jar file with all required libraries included can be downloaded in the links below. Java 8 or higher is required. To run the simulator enter the following into the command line or console:

java -jar DANS.jar

To build a new algorithm to simulate extend the Algorithm class (as described in the JavaDoc on this page) and issue the following command:

javac -classpath DANS.jar yourjavaclassname.jar

Example algorithms are also given in the links below.


Source code

The source code for the simulator is given below. The code is free to use and modify for educational and noncommercial use.



A JavaDoc is available for the Algorithm and Message classes (the ones needed to create new algorithms) as well as a simple manual for the GUI and a known bug list. Additionally, a copy of a report on the simulator that describes its architecture is given below.